Screen printing inks

Solvent based

BASE series for printing on hard and soft PVC, self adhesive PVC papers, enamels, melamine, polycarbonates, oroglass, perspex and other acrylates, ABS, CAB, cellulose acetate polystyrene, polyester, artificial leather, plexiglass, paper and cardboards

EH Series having extra high adhesion characteristics that are suitable for applications that do not need high chemical resistance, applied on hard plastics, PVC, artificial leather, plexiglass, acetate, polystyrene, self adhesive PVC papers, enamel, melamine, cardboard, polycarbonate, oroglass, perspex and other acrylics, ABS, CAB, cellulose acetate and polyesters

DC series is a double component series based on epoxy, developed for extra high adhesion and resistance applicataions. Suitable for printing on HDPE, LDPE, PP, metal and glass to obtain printings having a very high gloss and resistance.

Screen printing inks

Water based

SOFT series is a water based, read-to-print series, developed for printing on paper, board, wood and textile.

This series is known for its excellent gloss, low odour and fast-drying.


UV series is a UV-curing ink series for printing on almost all types of non-absorbent substrates.

4 process colors completed with deep black, white (transparent and opaque).

High rub resistance and high slipperiness with excellent dot sharpness and excellent screen work.



  • Overprint
  • Transparant
  • Matt transparant
  • Matting paste

Press Chemicals

  • Cleaners
  • Defoamer
  • Developer
  • Thinners